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Mission Statement

Cactus Muziekcentrum vzw (organiser Moods!) aims to profile itself as a professional and permanent music centre in the non-classical music sector. The term “music centre” signifies an operation as music club, concert and festival organisation and educational centre for music.

In profiling as a music centre the focus lies on the artist/musician and his/her work. Cactus Muziekcentrum vzwaims to be a platform where artists can present their work in optimal and professional conditions and in doing so come to a meaningful encounter with the audience.

Our activities can’t be separated from what’s happening in the broader society. From its own position and point of view Cactus Muziekcentrum vzw intends to take into account and anticipate certain evolutions and phenomena that are up for discussion: globalisation and immigration, technological innovation and digitalisation, changing social connections and relations and their importance for social cohesion, ecology and durability.

As a non-profit organisation Cactus Muziekcentrum vzw invests all potential profits in making future concerts and projects possible. This way we can offer opportunities to artists that are difficult to program from financial consideration.