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The Colorist Orchestra &. Gabriel Rios


tue August 11th




doors 8.30 pm
start 9.30 pm




Seated concert.

Considering the developments regarding the spread of the corona virus, this concert was cancelled. Tickets were refunded.

The Colorist Orchestra & Gabriel Rios b

The Colorist Orchestra prefers to walk the road less traveled, preferring interesting musical destinations full of adventure and experimentation. Aarich Jespers‘ and Kobe Proesmans‘ eight-headed collective innovates in two ways: there’s the unique collaboration with a singer-songwriter, and a combination of the creative use of classical instruments and a broad selection of eclectic instruments.

The fundamental idea behind The Colorist Orchestra is reworking an artist’s discography. After collaborations with the likes of Emiliana Torrini, Cibelle, Lisa Hannigan and Howe Gelb, the Orchestra joined forces with Gabriël Rios this time.

Gabriël Rios is a true global citizen, dividing his time between Puerto Rico, Ghent, New York and Amsterdam. His repertoire is incomparable, and his songs are full of rhythm (just think of Belpop classics like ‘Broad Day Light’ and ‘Gold’). Rios’ music formed the perfect ingredient for the Orchestra to get their creative juices flowing. The collaboration also sees Rios almost reborn, finding renewed energy through the surprising, orchestral sound of The Colorist Orchestra.

Kobe Proesmans – wooden drums, calabash
Agrich Jesperspercussion, flabamba, anklung
Sep Françoismelodic percussion, hammered mbira, spaak
Wim De Busser grand piano, prepared piano, keys
Tim Vandenbergh double bass, electric bass
Inne Eysermans electronics & undefined objects
Jeroen Baertviolin
Karel Coninxviola