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The Proclaimers

+ The Antler King


fr July 26th




The Antler King 8.30 pm
The Proclaimers 10 pm


Free concert!

The Proclaimers uk

Timeless pop song with a hint of folk.

For the past 30 years Scottish twins Craig and Charlie Reid have been scoring hits on the charts and selling out concert halls all over the world. That should be no surprise: ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’, ‘I’m On My Way’ and ‘Letter From America’ are just a couple of their songs that are still as well received today as they were back when they were released. ‘Angry Cyclist’, The Proclaimers‘ 11th album, delivers more of the same: pop-folk evergreens with a feel good vibe and ingenious, sometimes politically influenced lyrics.

The brothers are bringing their new songs, along with all of their classics, to Moods!, for what will surely be one of the biggest parties of the summer!

The Antler King b

Catchy, threatening and slightly psychedelic.

The Antler King released third album ‘Ten for a Bird’ last year, and it was met with unanimously positive reviews. Esther Lybeert and Maarten Flamand, band members and spouses, play nearly every instrument you hear on the album. This has led to a record that’s catchy yet threatening and slightly psychedelic.

As per usual, the band’s music floats between happy and dark, although that darkness has claimed the upper hand on ‘Ten for a Bird’. That’s logical when you realise it was Donald Trump’s election that gave Esther the incentive to make new music. The album isn’t full of protest songs though. The Antler King make music that’s enjoyable for everyone, as you’ll find out this summer during a concert that promises to be emotional and beautiful.