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Les Négresses Vertes
+ Antibalas


fr August 2nd




Antibalas 8.30 pm
Les Négresses Vertes 10pm


Free concert!

Les Négresses Vertes fr


The end of the eighties saw French pop music stop trying to copy its English counterpart and return to its Latin roots. Together with Mano Negra, Les Négresses Vertes were one of the bands to embody this change completely.

Les Négresses Vertes’ debut album ‘Mlah’ encompasses all of the influences that make mestizo-music so colourful: a mix of mediterranean and Latin sounds, jazz, punk, raï and so much more. ‘Mlah’ turned 30 years old in 2018, and the band are keeping the celebrations up this year as well. The album has aged wonderfully, with songs like ‘Zobi La Mouche’ and ‘C’est Pas La Mer à Boire’ proving just how timeless the band’s music really is. Get ready to recapture the exotic vibes of the album and be sure to bring your dancing shoes!

Picture: Luc Manago

Antibalas us

An amazing mix of soul, jazz, funk, dub and afrobeat!

Antibalas keeps the afrobeat of Fela Kuti alive until this day. The band from Brooklyn has been on stage for 2 decades now, which can only be celebrated with a dance party! The connection between Fela’s Nigeria and Antibalas‘ Brooklyn is clear in the band’s mix of soul, jazz, funk, dub and afrobeat. It’s this unique blend that makes most recent album ‘Where the Gods Are in Peace’ yet another great addition to their discography.