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Intergalactic Lovers
+ Isbells


sat August 3th




Isbells 8.30 pm
Intergalactic Lovers
10 pm


Free concert!

Intergalactic Lovers b

Vivacious electro rock for fans of PJ Harvey, Feist, Interpol and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

To say that Intergalactic Lovers‘ rise has been meteoric is quite the understatement. Their excellent first two albums have seen the band sell out venues everywhere. Third album ‘Exhale’ has raised the bar once again: echoes of PJ Harvey at her seductive best or Feist in an unruly mood are never far away, thanks to Lara Chedraoui’s unique voice.

Short bursts of pure energy and incredibly open soundscapes create an electro-rock style that is part Interpol and part Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Intergalactic Lovers are well on their way to join the interstellar universe of Belgian pop gods.

Picture: Ellie VdB

Isbells b

Intimate and fragile folksongs meet electronics, synths and tribal drums.

For over a decade Isbells have been creating the archetypical ‘Duyster’ sound. Gaëtan Vandewoude’s intimate and fragile folksongs don’t just evoke memories of Nick Drake and Bon Iver, they share the same international level as well. On latest record ‘Sosei’, named after a buddhist poet, the band’s typical cinematic sound is appended by electronics, synths and tribal drums. That doesn’t create a complete change in style like Bon Iver’s ’22, A Million’ though. Isbells still sounds like Isbells, which is especially noticeable on the barer tracks on the album. Isbells will make you dance underneath the Halletoren, but they’ll mostly carry you away in melancholy, as they’ve always done on their previous albums.