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Heather Nova


wed August 1st




doors 8.30 pm
start 9.30 pm




Seated concert.

Heather Nova ber

An especially intimate concert, accompanied by cello.

In the early 90s many instantly fell in love with the cute girl with a raw edge. The girl-next-door who conquered the world in denim, with a guitar and a recognizable, crystal clear voice like no other. Records like ‘Oyster’ and ‘Siren’ were instant classics and put Heather Nova on the map of the alternative folk-rock scene. Her influences range from The Beatles to Jimmy Cliff and Neil Young. Today, twenty years and nine albums later, Heather Nova is still an established value and very welcome musical guest! As will she be this summer at Moods! It will be an especially intimate concert, where she will only be accompanied by cello for the occasion.