Jonathan Jeremiah uk

Wednesday, August 8th
Belfry — Bruges
8.30pm 9.30pm

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Jeremiah’s story reads like the screenplay of a tragicomedy, but one with a happy end. At twenty he moved from the U.K. to America, where he found the inspiration to write the songs for his first album. It took eight years however for Jeremiah to scrape together the necessary budget to release the album. Fortunately, once it was out there, it hit like a bombshell! ‘A Solitary Man’ (2011), with the beautiful single ‘Happiness’ among others, at once earned Jeremiah international recognition and comparisons with Nick Drake and John Martyn. He strengthened his position with successors ‘Gold Dust’ and ‘Oh Desire’. He has a unique voice with a soft baritone tone and the skill to write beautiful soul-folk songs that can be true earwigs! At MOODS! Jeremiah presents his fourth record, which is being finished as we speak!