Eduardo Guerrero Y Su Grupo Flamenco es


Wednesday August 02
City Theatre — Bruges
8.30 pm 9.30 pm

At the age of six, Eduardo Guerrero picked up a dance training at the school of flamenco dancer Carmen Guerrero. Later on, he took lessons by Antonio Canales, Manolo Marin and Mario Maya and enrolled in a study classical and contemporary dance. That however didn't stop Guerrero form developing his own style. His fabulous turning technique is unique in contemporary flamenco. His footwork is to millimetre accuracy and his speed is inimitable. In combination with his fascinating arm movements, this makes Guerrero one of the most complete and aesthetic young flamenco dancers of his generation. Specifically for Moods! Guerrero brings the production 'Mosaico', containing the highlights of his most recent productions 'Desplante','Warrior' and 'Return'.

Dance — Eduardo Guerrero
Guitar — Francisco Ibanez Corrales
Vocals — Manuel Soto Contreras
Vocals — Jesus Corbacho Vazquez