C.W. Stoneking aus

André Brasseur b

Friday August 04
Burg — Bruges
8.30 pm

C.W. Stoneking catapults us with 'Jungle Blues' back to pre-war blues and sea shanties. With his striking voice (that reminds us of Tom Waits), banjo, guitar, brass and completely unique narrative style, Stoneking unleashes a real blues revival all by himself. On his most recent album 'Gon Bugaloo' Stoneking uses the electric guitar for the first time. This results in a completely new sound. Nevertheless, Stoneking stays true to his blues roots, which makes the album one of a kind. Equally boldly melancholic as boldly exuberant, C.W. Stoneking and his Primitive Horn Orchestra process blues, ragtime, vaudeville, hillbilly, jazz and calypso to one tasty dish!

Hammond virtuoso Brasseur experiences at the age of 77 an unseen comeback. Former sweetheart of James Brown and Claude François, Brasseur scored a number one hit in Europe with 'Early Bird' in the sixties which earned him the title of king of theme songs. His mishmash of swing and groovy funk is his trademark. Brasseur's comeback resulted in a series of sold out concerts. At Moods! he's planning on winning over the crowd once again with an adventurous and steamy set. We guarantee you won’t be able to stay still.