Balkan Beat Box isr/us

Black Flower b

Saturday August 05
Burg — Bruges
8.30 pm

If you would ask the members of Balkan Beat Box to describe their sound, it's very likely you'll get a different answer from each and one of them. Summarizing their music in a few words is challenging to say the least! This sharp and explosive collective kick-started a swirling Eastern European revolution that shook the New York underground to its foundations. Instigators Tomer Yoset (vocals), Ori Kaplan (sax) and Tamir Muskat (drums) assimilate the Eastern-European sound from their childhood and rebellious industrial rock, punk and electronica. With snippets of Arabic and Asian music and dubby hiphopsounds Balkan Beat Box turns every concert into a mad party.

With saxofonist/multi-instrumentalist Nathan Daems ahead, Black Flower produces its own unique, original and surprising sound. When hearing their music, terms as 'melancholic, sensual and exotic' come to mind. It's loud and clear that the band has a fascination for different cultures and artists such as Mulatu Astatke and Fela Kuti. Performing live, Black Flower kneads their melting pot of jazz, funk, ethiogroove, afrobeat and eastern music to a racy and vibrant whole including an instant party feel.

Sax, flute — Nathan Daems
Cornet — Jon Birdsong
Bass — Filip Vandebril
Keys — Wouter Haest
Drums — Simon Segers